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Vallard Atlas

"Unique and unrepeatable first edition, strictly limited to 987 numbered and authenticated copies"

The Huntington Library, San Marino (CA)

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Shelf mark: HM 29
Date: 1547
Size: ± 390 x 280 mm
68 pages
Red leather binding (c. 1805) with gold decoration
Full-colour commentary volume
ISBN: 978-84-96400-48-1

Commentary volume

commentary volume

Aníbal Cavaco Silva (former president of the Republic of Portugal)

From the editor to the reader

Luís Filipe F. R. Thomaz (Director of the Institute for Oriental Studies of the Portuguese Catholic University)

The Dieppe school and its maps in their time
Dennis Reinhartz (Emeritus professor at the University of Texas in Arlington)

The Vallard Atlas and sixteenth century knowledge of Australia
Luís Filipe F. R. Thomaz

The maps of the Vallard Atlas
Luís Filipe F. R. Thomaz, Dennis Reinhartz

The mythological narrative in the margins of the Vallard Atlas
Carlos Miranda García-Tejedor (Doctor in History)

Luís Filipe F. R. Thomaz


ISBN: 978-84-96400-49-8
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