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f. 5r, The message to the Church of Ephesus (Ap. 2, 1-7)
f. 7r, The message to the Church of Pergamus (Ap. 2, 12-17)
f. 11r, The message to the Church of Laodicea (Ap. 3, 14-22)
f. 11v, The open door in heaven (Revelation 4: 1-5)
f. 26r, The locusts (Ap. 9, 5-7)
f. 27r, The locusts led by Abbadon (Ap. 9, 8-12)
f. 28v, The angel standing upon the land and the sea (Revelation 10: 1-7)
f. 29r, The angel standing upon the land and the sea (Ap. 10, 1-7)
f. 32r, The death of the two witnesses (Ap. 11, 7-11)
f. 34r, The great sign (Revelation 11: 19 – 12: 1-2)
f. 36r, A great battle in heaven (Revelation 12: 7-12a)
f. 39r, The Beast sets off to wage war upon the saints (Ap. 13, 5-10)
f. 45r, The Judgement of the nations (Revelation 14: 17-20)
f. 46r, The sea of glass (Ap. 15, 1-4)
f. 47r, Seven angels receive the bowls of God’s wrath (Revelation 15: 5-8)
f. 49r, The fourth and fifth bowls (Ap. 16, 7-11)
f. 52r, The seventh bowl (Revelation 16: 17-18)
f. 52v, The seventh bowl (Ap. 16, 17-18)
f. 53r, Babylon split into three parts (Revelation 16: 19-20)
f. 54r, The rain of hailstones (Revelation 16: 21)
f. 56r, The great harlot (Revelation 17: 3b-6)
f. 59r, Babylon, the habitation of devils (Ap. 18, 1-3)
f. 60v, Babylon abandoned (Ap. 18, 4-9a)
f. 62r, The treasures of Babylon (Ap. 18, 11-14)
f. 65r, Babylon cast into Hell (Ap. 18, 22b-24)
f. 67r, The marriage of the Lamb (Ap. 19, 5-8)
f. 71r, Continuation of the battle and capture of the Beast (Ap. 19, 19-21)
f. 72r, The Dragon enchained for a thousand years (Revelation 20: 1-3)
f. 73r, The first resurrection (Revelation 20: 4-6)
f. 74r, The second eschatological combat (Ap. 20, 7-10)
f. 76r, The Judgment of souls (Ap. 20, 12b-15)
f. 83r, The Tree of Life (Ap. 22, 1-5)
f. 86r, The damned taken to Hell (Revelation 22: 16-21)
f. 86v, The great Harlot in Hell
f. 87r, The Hell of trades
f. 87v, The Hell of trades (cont.) – Portrait of the author of the commentary or the translator

The Apocalypse of 1313

"Unique and unrepeatable first edition, strictly limited to 987 numbered and authenticated copies"

Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris

f. 87r, The Hell of trades
f. 87r, The Hell of trades. Just as the beatific vision of “sovereign Jerusalem” occupies several paintings,...

Just as the beatific vision of “sovereign Jerusalem” occupies several paintings, the vision of Hell also continues, this folio being the third part of the four compositions devoted to eternal suffering, painted on a flame-colour ground. The forms of torture are depicted with a wealth of detail: not according to the vices and their categories, with an appropriate punishment for each of the seven capital sins. Those who delight in doing evil, the wicked condemned to the “second death”, are depicted here being punished according to their activities on earth. The outcome is a hell of trades portrayed in three registers that continues on the following page.


The sequence begins with the blacksmiths. Thrown face downwards across his anvil, one is hammered by two devils whilst his companion, attacked and torn apart by a devil holding him over a pair of bellows (?), is about to be sawn in two. Alongside is a cooper, a wine merchant or tavern owner – which a later hand has rendered more female by adding breasts – astride a barrel leaning on a press screw (?), who is struck with a jug before being blinded with an awl.


The butcher depicted in the middle register fares no better. He lies upon his stall beneath links of sausages whilst several devils prepare to skin him and chop him up with an axe. The silver fish hanging from a bar glisten whilst their fishmonger is thrown into his fishpond; a dyer, also turned into a woman, is plunged into a boiling vat with a hook to be stewed for ever more.


The last series of torture shows a carpenter carrying an adze having his nose twisted by a devil with a pair of pliers. A man holding a mallet and a flatfish-shaped billhook, possibly a carpenter or sculptor, has his legs crushed beneath a plank or slab whilst a demon cracks his scull open with a chisel. Finally, the moneychanger is seized, scales in hand, and beaten with a bag of crowns.


«Unique and unrepeatable first edition,
strictly limited to 987 numbered and authenticated copies»

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