The Silos Beatus

The Silos Beatus The Woman upon the seven-headed beast

The Woman upon the seven-headed beast

The lavishly attired rider in the Silos Beatus is depicted sitting side-saddle and facing forward. Upon her head is a large, ribbed headdress, reminiscent of Egyptian headdresses. She grasps the beast´s reins in her right hand whilst holding the cup of abominations aloft in her left.
Although the text describes the beast as being reddish in colour, it is violet here and its skin is suggested by clusters of black, yellow and red lines. Its legs end in huge claws, with those on the right being darker. Some of its seven heads of different colours have one horn and other two, giving a total of ten horns. The seven heads are seven mountains and seven kings. The horns are also ten kings who have no kingdom yet.   
Ángela Franco Mata
Head of Department of Medieval Antiquities
Museo Arqueológico Nacional

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