Moleiro Calendar 2019

CD desk calendar (16 pages of 14x12 cm)

Moleiro Calendar 2019 CD desk calendar (16 pages of 14x12 cm)

With the new year on its way, we offer you our new exclusive calendar for you to enjoy over the next twelve months. It is a wonderful and useful gift, devoted this year to the fifth centenary anniversary of the Magellan and Elcano expedition, as it’ll be commemorated in 2019. It was an historic feat that meant the first circumnavigation of the whole globe and which became the first empirical prove of the earth’s roundness.
This is our acknowledgement of the great explorers who changed how the world is seen. Our calendar is, therefore, a compilation of the finest images from two of our cartographic gems, a reflection of the Hispano-Portuguese expeditions of the 15th century: The Miller Atlas (1519) and the Vallard Atlas (1547).
These illustrations will delight lovers of medieval ships such as carracks, galleys or caravels, since these and many other ancient ships are showed on each calendar’s month. On the other hand, on the rear side of each page you will find extracts of many superb maps of all corners of the world like Europe, Brazil, Africa, India or China, among others. This unique item can only be found at our online shop and nowhere else. It is the perfect gift for readers fond of the lavish maps, owned back in time only by kings or emperors, that are now within reach.

Calendario Moleiro 2019
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