The Silos Beatus

The Silos Beatus The Revelation to St John

The Revelation to St John  

This illustration, framed by a green decorative border with yellow edges, cover the entire folio. The illustration is divided into two bands, the larger, top one being dominated by a great horsehoe arch supported by columns. Beneath the arch are Christ and two angels: the former on his throne set inside a mandorla and about to give the book to one of the angels. The other angel holds up the mandorla. A red decorative border separates this area from the one beneath, which is not a continuation of the first. John is about to receive the book from the angel in the centre while another figure on the right, presents the scene. The image is explained by the gloss: ubi primus iohannes cum angelo locutus est. The surrounding arch apparently refers to the Churches of the East whose messages are illustrated in the respective miniatures.
Ángela Franco Mata
Head of Department of Medieval Antiquities
Museo Arqueológico Nacional

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