Cardeña Beatus

Cardeña Beatus f. 8A, The angel with the first trumpet


f. 8A, The angel with the first trumpet

And the seven angels with the seven trumpets prepared to sound them 7. The first sounded his trumpet, there was hail and fire mingled with blood that was cast upon the earth; and one third of the earth was scorched, and one third of the trees was scorched, and all the green grass was scorched.
Unlike the Osma Beatus, belonging to the earliest branch of the first illustrated version, which depicts simply the angel with a trumpet, branch II -stemming undoubtedly from Magius- includes fire, hail and trees. This is how it appears in the Gerona, Valcavado and Fernando I Beatus, amongst others. The miniatures in Valcavado and Fernando I do not occupy a full column, unlike in the Gerona Beatus. This is the source used by the most talented illuminator of the Museo Arqueológico Nacional Beatus, who copied the structure of the three slender hillocks, in the bottom band, with trees, of a structure similar to those in the following band, springing from their peaks. The completely horizontal angel in the top section pours fire and hail down upon them. As is typical in the Beatus under study, the texts of the model have been eliminated [Ubi primus angelus tuba cecinit et factus est grando (top), ubi factus est grando et ignis mixtus in sanguine (middle), ubi iiiª pars terre et iiiª pars arborum combuste sunt (bottom)]. The Manchester Beatus (fol. 126r) is quite similar to the Cardeña codex, but the differences as regards the structure of the mountains and other details suggest a different source and in addition, the miniature does not occupy the whole column.

Ángela Franco Mata
Chief of the Medieval Antiquities Department, Museo Arqueológico Nacional
(Fragment of the Cardeña Beatus commentary volume)

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