The Golf Book (Book of Hours)

The Golf Book (Book of Hours) f. 28v, November, hunting


f. 28v, November, hunting

The main painting on f. 28v depicts the return from hunting. The scene in the foreground – the return of the group of hunters – is surrounded by a series of farming occupations which contrast with the aristocratic activity of hunting. The lord in the middle riding his mount, wearing gloves and carrying a fine javelin or thin whip in his left hand. Beside his horse is another mount carrying a dead deer flanked by the servants who must have hounded and attacked the animal. The servant in front, the master of the hunt, with a spear leaning on his left shoulder and a large, sheathed knife hanging from one side of his belt and a hunting horn hanging from the other, holds the leashes of two whippets. The only visible part of the servant at the back of the group is the lance leaning on his right shoulder. They are followed by two pairs of dogs. The retinue moves past a peasant property consisting of several buildings where different tasks are taking place. On the left is a man next to three bound sheaves of grain sifting the grain with a sieve with plant remains such as husks, hay fibre and dust falling at his feet. Inside a shelter is a peasant pounding away with a threshing flail whilst another tosses the unwinnowed grain with a two-pronged fork. Hens peck about and pigs nuzzle for food outside. On the right is a peasant dwelling and, underneath, a woman feeding the herd of swine housed in another shed. Depicted in the background is a late autumn landscape with practically bare trees and, possibly, a peasant hunting for small game with a stick upon his shoulder and a leather pouch full of game, these being attributes of the autumn season.
The bottom of the border on f. 28v depicts several boys playing bowls, a game known since Antiquity.

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