Tacuinum Sanitatis

Tacuinum Sanitatis f. 97v, Storyteller


f. 97v, Storyteller

Storyteller. Its nature is one of the causes of sleep. Optimum: the type advisable for the nature of the person wishing to sleep. Benefit: for those who enjoy this, it truly improves their digestion, senses and spirit. Harm: listening to many storytellers when one wishes to listen to one alone. Remedy for harm: silence those one does not wish to hear. Advisable for all temperaments, at any age, particularly children, at any time, but more in winter, and in any region.

Confabulator. Natura est vna causarum sompni Electio conueniens nature uolentis dormire Iuuamentum delectantibus in ipsa meliorat enim eius digestionem et sensus et spirictus Nocumentum audire plures confabulatores cum uoluerit nisi unum audire Remotio nocumenti imponere silencium illi quem audire non cupit Conuenit omnibus complectionibus omnibus etatibus preter pueris omni tempore sed magis yeme omni regioni.


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