Tacuinum Sanitatis

Tacuinum Sanitatis f. 87r, Snow and ice


f. 87r, Snow and ice

Snow and ice. Nature: cold and wet in the third degree. Optimum: from good, fresh water. Benefit: they improve the digestion. Harm: they cause coughs. Remedy for harm: drinking moderately beforehand. Effects: dehydrated joints and paralysis. Most advisable for hot [temperaments], youth, in summer and in southern regions.
Nix et glacies. Complexio: frigida et humida in 3º. Electio: ex aqua dulce et bona. Iuuamentum: meliorat digestionem. Nocumentum: tussim commouet. Remotio nocumenti: bibendo antea modicum. Quid generat: desicationes iucturarem et paralisis. Conueniunt magis calidis iuuenibus estate meridianis regionibus.

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