Universal Atlas

Universal Atlas Map No. 16. Zodiac Circle

Map No. 16. Zodiac Circle

Size: 418 x 540 mm.

The eastern hemisphere is represented in the centre with the legends Earth and Water, and elements such as ignis (fire) and aer (air). This is followed by the geocentric systems of the universe and the structure of the celestial sphere. The following legends lie beneath the orbits of the planets: Luna Frigida et unida, Venus Frigida et umida; Mars calidus et sicus; Jupiter Calidus et Humidus; and Saturnus frigidus et sicus. A sun inclination table is shown inside another circle.
The year is divided into twelve months with their respective days and likewise the signs in the Zodiac circle.
The frames around the map are the same as those in the 1561 Atlas.

Ludmila Kildushevskaya
Russian National Library
(Fragment of the Universal Atlas of Diogo Homem commentary volume)

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