Albumazar Treatise (Liber astrologiae)

ff. 23v-24r

Scorpio (Decan I) and Capricorn, ff. 23v-24r

"There arises in its first decan of Scorpio, as the Persians assert, the rear part of a stallion, which itself is called Hecdemis, which they themselves call Centaurus, with whom is the end of Taurus, together with the Little Black Thrower. In his hand is a spear and something called the cymbals.

According to the Indians: a completely suitable woman with a sufficient figure, because of hunger making gestures for food, and wandering through territories and lands. 

According to the Greeks: the hand of Archadis, part of the tail of Assura (Hydra), the head of the Gorgon, which they call Alawe (the Howler), with the right foreleg. Then the chest and shoulder of Libra and the end of Alfeca, i.e. the Crown of Adriagnes (Ariadne), the backside of the Wolf with its tail, and the tail of Centaurus."

Liber astrologiae, f. 22v

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