Lazzat al-nisâ (The pleasure of women)

Lazzat al-nisâ (The pleasure of women) f. 2v


f. 2v

On one of the days of the feast of Nowruz, the King of the world was sitting on his throne and giving a public audience to a Jamshid-like assembly and offered a banquet like that of Key-Khosrow. The notable and officials of the state were standing in front of his throne. A beautiful and ravishing young woman, proficient in women’s affairs, came along singing a song, and stood in front of the King. Taking off her robes she showed her nakedness to the assembly. When the King saw her in this fashion he said:
“What business does this shameless enchantress have who bares herself naked in front of the assembly of men and does not cover herself?” They shouted at her: “O shameless beauty. Why is it that you bare yourself in an assembly of men?” The enchantress replied: “Women get embarrassed in the presence of a real man, but in this assembly there are none so that I will be embarrassed.”

Translation of the text of the Lazzat al-nisâ by:
Willem Floor (Independent Scholar)
Hasan Javadi (University of California, Berkeley)
Hormoz Ebrahimnejad (University of Southampton)

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