Lazzat al-nisâ (The pleasure of women)

Lazzat al-nisâ (The pleasure of women) Elephant with Howdah - f. 19r


Elephant with Howdah - f. 19r

A dear friend related that "once I was traveling in the desert and suddenly an elephant appeared from afar and there was a howdah placed on its back. Out of fear I climbed into a tree. Under that tree he brought down the howdah and started grazing there.
After a while I saw that a beautiful woman came out of the howdah. I had never seen such a beautiful woman in my life. I came down from the tree and met her. She came on to me and I satisfied my lust with her. After being satiated, that woman took from her pocket a big rope and made a knot in it. I was surprised and said: ‘What is this rope and what is the purpose of making a knot?’ She said: ‘This is my husband and is not a true elephant. It is in fact a human.’ I asked ‘Is this elephant your husband?’ She said: ‘Yes, this is my husband. He is a magician and a yogi. But out of jealousy and bitterness he has married me and taken me to his house. Out of jealousy he has not shown me to anybody and he does not want to stay in the city. All the time he puts me on his back and wanders in the plains, mountains and deserts…"

Translation of the text of the Lazzat al-nisâ by:
Willem Floor (Independent Scholar)
Hasan Javadi (University of California, Berkeley)
Hormoz Ebrahimnejad (University of Southampton)

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