Moleiro Calendar 2020

CD desk calendar (12 pages of 14x12 cm)

Moleiro Calendar 2020 CD desk calendar (12 pages of 14x12 cm)

With the new year on its way, we present you our new exclusive calendar devoted to the Mattioli’s Dioscorides illustrated by Cibo (1564-1584), a sample of Gherardo Cibo's vibrant botanical and landscape illustrations from the codex Add. Ms. 22332 kept in the British Library.

These extraordinary images illustrate one of the most famous texts of the time, the Discorsi by Pietro Andrea Mattioli, one of the most important translations of the De Materia Medica by Dioscorides. It is to this joint work of Cibo and Mattioli that we are dedicating one of our latest and most ambitious publishing projects of "quasi-original" works.

For this homage we have chosen twenty illustrations of the 168 made by Gherardo Cibo which illustrate the Discorsi texts. We hope that they will accompany you, month by month, in the discovery of the flowers and bushes, dawns and sunsets which, now as then, colour Italian landscapes.

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