The Silos Beatus

The Silos Beatus Daniel in the lions´den

Daniel in the lions´den

This layout covers one and a half folios. Folio 238v shows King Darius ordering a terrible punishment for Daniel for having disobeyed his orders. The king had prohibited prayers being said to any god by anyone other than himself and for a certain time. Upon the advice of the envious, he orders the prophet to be cast into a den of lions (lucus leonum). The rex, seated upon his throne holding the scepter of authority aloft, orders the punishment with his right hand. Instead of devouring Daniel, however, the lions lick his feet as ordered by God who sent his angel to Habakkuk, and Daniel is given food in a recipient.
Depicted at the bottom of the scene is King Darius lying upon his bed being watched over by two soldiers armed with spears and buckles. He is unable to fall asleep and lies with his eyes open worrying about the punishment inflicted on Daniel.
Ángela Franco Mata
Head of Department of Medieval Antiquities
Museo Arqueológico Nacional

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