The Hours of Joanna I of Castile

La traición y el arresto (f. 21r.)

The Betrayal and the Arrest (f.21r.)

The painting shows a red-haired Judas with a prominent nose, in profile holding a bag of coins and, for the sake of decorum, moving in such a way as that his head is slightly below that of the Master, kissing the cheek of a serene Christ with his hands crossed upon his stomach. Surrounding them are soldiers, one of whom puts a rope around the Lord´s neck. Several of them take him by the right sleeve and the left shoulder. One of the soldiers, garbed in brocade with leather trims covering his armour, takes him by the chest. The appearance of this soldier, posed as if taking possession of someone, shows him to be superior to all the others. Another soldier raises his fist to strike the Lord on the head.

Carlos Miranda García-Tejedor
Doctor in History

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