Girona Beatus

Girona Beatus f. 153r, The fourth trumpet


f. 153r, The fourth trumpet

The illustration is divided into two planes: heaven and earth. On the left of the first are the one third (not an actual number) of the stars that went out, represented by four of their reddish points. This is followed by the sun, “SOL”, with less than one third of its surface in a dark colour; more stars, this time with all their points white; and the moon, “LVNA”, once again with somewhat less than one third painted purple. Underneath is the eagle, “AQVILA VOLANTEM”, lamenting the misfortunes to occur later, and finally upon the earthly world, depicted by the grass and trees on the right, the angel standing and looking up to heaven whilst playing his trumpet, “ET QVARTVS ANGELVS TVBA/CECINIT”, and gesturing to the eagle as if in conversation or giving an order. The differences with branch IIa are once again in the bottom area which does not feature, unlike in IIb, any trees or plants indicating the region of the earth that was darkened.

Carlos Miranda García-Tejedor
Doctor in History
(Fragment of the Girona Beatus commentary volume)

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