Silos Beatus

Silos Beatus f. 23v, St John before the city of Ephesus


f. 23v, St John before the city of Ephesus

The illustration occupies the bottom half of the folio. The entrance into the city (ciui/tas) is evoked by an architectonic gate clearly reminiscent of classical times despite having horseshoe arches. The large central arch set beneath an imposing lintel and the two small arches that flank it are all framed by two side towers and a centre tower crowned by battlements clearly of Islamic origin. St John stands beneath the central arch and wears a full-length tunic showing his bare feet. The tunic and cloak in a dark colour with red stripes contrast with the garment, yellow like the nimbus, that covers him partly. The legends scs. ihns /in efeso and ubi scs ihns ephesum sedit convey the mission entrusted to the apostle.

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