Silos Beatus

Silos Beatus f. 77v, The message to the Church of Loadicea


f. 77v, The message to the Church of Loadicea

The illustration (19.5 x 10.9 cm.) repeats the formula shared by the messages to the churches, i.e. the angel and St John on the left and the church on the right. Unlike the others, both the figures (I[o]h[an]n[e]s sanctus; ange[lu]s) and the church, are identified by the respective legends. The church opens via two arches: the left one bearing the legend ec[clesi]e and the right one, Laudocie. Inside the extrados of another arch, positioned over the lintel that marks their upper edge, are three decorative merlons in a radial arrangement. The lateral towers are crowned by small balls upon pyramids. Great emphasis has been laid in the previous illustration and particularly in this one upon the colour violet, which contrasts with the yellow and red and dark tones, blended with greens.

The explanatio opens with the word A[ngelo laudocie], the first letter of which is represented by the image of the crowned eagle of St John. This bird with a nimbus, stands upon a cushion and has one wing folded and the other outstretched. The feathers have been drawn in meticulous detail.

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