Flemish Apocalypse

Flemish Apocalypse f. 6r, The sealed book and the Lamb


f. 6r, The sealed book and the Lamb

Two mandorlas, which partly overlap each other, dominate this page. God sits in the upper mandorla on an ample gothic throne with a high back. A half-open book rests on his knees and his body is half turned to the left, where the Lamb stands before him on his hind legs. The Lamb receives the book in his forelegs. In the lower mandorla, the Lamb stands facing left. He has seven horns and seven eyes, a thick curly fleece and a cruciform nimbus behind his head. He holds the open book with the seven seals in his right foreleg, and a cross-staff with a swallow-tailed pennon charged with a red cross in his left foreleg. The four living creatures, each holding an open book, surround the lower mandorla. Left, in the foreground, stands John, who touches the lower mandorla with his left hand and holds a walking stick in his right. Behind him, in a white garment over which a stole is draped, appears one of the ancients. He points at the Lamb and has put his right hand in a consoling gesture on John’s shoulder. The remaining ancients, six to the left and seven to the right are painted blue, tone on tone; only their golden musical instruments and crowns are visible.

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