The Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry

The Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry f. 2v - February


f. 2v - February

Limbourg brothers

The chariot of the Sun passes from Aquarius to Pisces. We witness wintertime on the farm. The removal of the front wall allows us to view the interior, and three peasants wearing blue and grey, and headgear, as they warm themselves at the fireside with their clothing rolled up. The modesty that we may perceive in the girl in the foreground contrsts with what we see, genitals included, for the couple behind. Details of this kind are a charecteristic trait of the Limbourgs' work. Within the courtyard we also see beehives, a fold (with a fine flock), barrels, bundles of wood, a hand-drawn cart and a masonry-built dovecot. These details clearly indicate a state of material wellbeing. The sky is grey. The smoking wicker chimney and the snowbound landscape tell us that all labours in the fields have come to a halt. We see a man bundled up and muffled against the cold making his way back home. His breath is misty. Crows and jackdaws peck the ground for feed. In the distance are a haystack under snow and a woodman cutting the wood. The bundles of firewood are being carried to a neighbouring village on the back of the mule of another peasant.


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