Tacuinum Sanitatis

Tacuinum Sanitatis f. 82v, Ambergris


f. 82v, Ambergris

Ambergris. Nature: hot and dry in the second degree. Optimum: grey, light and greasy. Benefit: it strengthens the heart and enlivens or multiplies the spirit. Harm: for those who usually suffer headaches due to heat. Remedy for harm: with camphor and smelling privet flowers. Effects: boldness. Most advisable for cold [temperaments], the elderly, in winter and in northern [regions].

Ambra Complectio calida et sicca in 2º Electio grisea leuis et pinguis Iuuamentum cofortat cor et generat spirictus siue multiplicat Nocumentum consuetis pati dolorem capitis a causa calida Remotio nocumenti cum camphora et odoramento florum alcane Quid generat audatiam Conuenit magis frigidis decrepitis yeme et septentrionalibus.

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