Tacuinum Sanitatis

Tacuinum Sanitatis f. 83v, Vinegar


f. 83v, Vinegar

Vinegar. Nature: cold in the first degree, dry in the second. Optimum: that made from strong wine. Benefit: against yellow bile, is useful for the gums and whets the appetite. Harm: it harms the nerves. Remedy for harm: with water and sugar. Effects: moderate foodstuff. Most advisable for hot, choleric [temperaments], youth, in summer and in hot regions.

Acetum Complectio frigida in primo sicca in 2º Electio quod fit ex potenti uino Iuuamentum contra coleram confert gingiuis et appetitum prouocat Nocumentum prestat neruis Remotio nocumenti cum aqua et zucaro Quid generat nutrimentum modicum Conuenit magis calidis colericis iuuenibus estate et calidis regionibus.

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