Tacuinum Sanitatis

Tacuinum Sanitatis f. 95r, Shame


f. 95r, Shame

Shame. Its nature is an inner and outer movement of heat. Optimum: the least bad is the type of certain origin. Benefit: to hide the shame. Harm: the type that stems from a bad passion is vital. Remedy for harm: changing the reason and discretion. Most advisable for temperate [temperaments], adolescents, at any time, in all regions.

Uerecundia natura eius motus caloris interius et exterius Electio minus mala que est ex certa causa Iuuamentum ocultare uerecundiam Nocumentum ex malo furore uitalis Remotio nocumenti cum reformatione rationis et discretionis Conuenit magis temperatis adolescentibus omnibus regionibus.

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