Tacuinum Sanitatis

Tacuinum Sanitatis f. 94r, Summer chambers


f. 94r, Summer chambers

Summer chambers. Nature: must be moderately cold and wet. Optimum: those with a temperature similar to that of spring. Benefit: they moderate the constitution and the digestion and avoid damages from outside. Harm: they prevent the humours caused by summer from being dissolved. Remedy for harm: with bathing or hot mineral baths. Most advisable for hot [temperaments], youth and in southern regions at midday.

Camere estuales. Complexio: debent esse frigiditatis et humiditatis temperate. Electio: que simulant tempori ueris. Iuuamentum: constitutiones et digestionem contemperant et prohibent nocumenta eferitis. Nocumentum: prohibent dissolutionem humorum quam facere debet estas. Remotio nocumenti: cum balneis siue termis. Conueniunt magis calidis iuuenibus in meridie et meridianis regionibus.


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