Tacuinum Sanitatis

Tacuinum Sanitatis f. 53v, Spring


f. 53v, Spring

Spring. Nature: hot, moderately wet in the second degree. Optimum: its middle part. Benefit: in general, useful for animals and what comes from the earth. Harm: it damages wet bodies because it causes them to rot. Remedy for harm: cleaning the bodies. It produces good humours and plentiful blood. Advisable for cold, dry and temperate [temperaments], youth and the rest, in temperate regions and in almost all.
Ver. Complexio: calida temperate humida in 2º. Electio: medium eius. Iuuamentum: confert uniuersaliter animalibus et terre nascentibus. Nocumentum: nocet corporibus humidis quia facit in eis putredinem. Remotio nocumenti: mundificando corpa. Generat in eo humor bonus et sanguis multus. Conuenit frigidis et siccis et temperatis iuuenibus et aliis temperatis regionibus et fere omnibus.

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