Tacuinum Sanitatis

Tacuinum Sanitatis f. 54r, Raisins


f. 54r, Raisins

Raisins. Nature: hot and wet in the first degree. Optimum: large ones from Khorasan. Benefit: advisable for intestinal pain, they soothe the liver and stomach. Harm: they burn the blood. Remedy for harm: with fresh lemons. Effects: sharp blood. Advisable for cold [temperaments], the elderly, in winter and in northern [regions].
Passule. Complexio: calida et humida in primo. Electio: magne corasene. Iuuamentum: conferunt dolori intestiniis et confortant epar et stomachum. Nocumentum: comburunt sanguinem. Remotio nocumenti: cum citrulis recentibus. Quid generant: sanguinem acutum. Conueniunt frigidis senectuti yeme et septentrionalibus.

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