Tacuinum Sanitatis

Tacuinum Sanitatis f. 3v, Pears


f. 3v, Pears

Pears. Nature: cold in the first degree, wet in the second. Optimum: fragrant and ripe. Benefit: they soothe weak stomachs. Harm: they cause colic. Remedy for harm: eating garlic after lunch. Effects: plenty of cold blood. Most advisable for [temperaments of a] hot nature, in youth, in summer, in the southern region.

Pira. Complexio: frigida in primo humida in 2º. Electio: odorisa matura. Iuuamentum: confert stomacho debili. Nocumentum: nocent colyce. Remotio nocumenti: cum alleis comestis post prandium. Quid generant: sanguinem frigidam multum. Magis conueniunt nature calidis iuuenibus estate in regione meridionali.

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