Universal Atlas

Mapa nº 11. Litoral de Europa Occidental y Mediterráneo

Map No. 11. Coast of Western Europe and the Mediterranean

Size: 418 x 534 mm.

Latitude scale: 1º = 16 mm.

League scale: 1 league = 2 mm.

Seven compass roses with 32 radii and a cross to mark the East.

Illustrations: King of Spain depicted.

Similar to the maps of 1559 and 1560, except that since the centre has been shifted northwards, it covers less of the African continent. It is also similar to other maps but shifts have occurred in the centre of the map.
It is difficult to determine the shape of the frames, they possibly do not exist in other works by Diogo Homem.

Ludmila Kildushevskaya
Russian National Library
(Fragment of the Universal Atlas of Diogo Homem commentary volume)

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