Albumazar Treatise (Liber astrologiae)

Leo, ff. 16v-17r

Leo, ff. 16v-17r

"Leo by nature is fiery [and of yellow bile]. 

There arises in its first decan, as the Persians write, the tail of the Dog which shoots with a bow, i.e., the figure of a lion, half the Ship with its oarsman and shipmaster, the head of Hydra, the head of the Horse, and the head of the Donkey. 

According to the Indians: a tree with an extensive root, carrying on its branches a dog, a wild cat, and Aukamia (Egyptian vulture); likewise, a man wearing soiled clothes, [who is preparing] to grieve over his parents. There rises with him the master of the horse that looks towards the north, similar to a bear. There rises with it short swords and arrows, the head of a dog, and something like the dog. 

According to the Greeks: the neck of the Bear with its left foreleg, the jaw and foreleg of the Lion, the neck of Assuia, and the middle of the Ship."

Liber Astrologiae, f. 16r

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