Albumazar Treatise (Liber astrologiae)

Cáncer, ff. 13v-14r

Cancer, ff. 13v-14r

"Cancer, of a watery nature and salty taste. 

There rises in its first decan, as the Persians think, the second half of the Lesser Bear; with it the incomplete form called in the Roman language Satyrus, covered in torn clothing, next to Aflon the musician striking the tambourine, and at the same time a sheet of iron whose head is bronze. Then, the first of the Three Virgin Maids, after which is the head of the Scarab Beetle, and the tail of the snake Zemabraz. 

According to the Indians: a young man of a bright form, clothed in ornate clothing, with his face and fingers a little twisted, his body composed of that of a horse and an elephant, white legs, covered with all kinds of fruit and branches of trees, whose house is in a field where sandalwood grows. 

According to the Greeks: the face of Callisto (Ursa Maior), with the head and hand of each Twin (Gemini); then the Lesser Dog (Canis Minor) and the remaining part of the Greater [Dog] (Canis Maior), and the stern of Argo (Argo Navis) with oarsmen . . . "

Liber astrologiae, f. 13v

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