Albumazar Treatise (Liber astrologiae)

Acuario, ff. 26v-27r

Aquarius, ff. 26v-27r

"Aquarius is [an airy and] watery sign. 

There arises in its first decan, as the doctrine of the Persians hands down, Abudius, in Arabic Annamer, i.e. panther, and the head of the Holder of the Horse, whose name is Domus Deles, and the head of Centaurus, whom they call Asmead, with his left hand raised above his head. Then Naz, i.e. the Winged Creature, with a black head, which catches fish in the water. 

According to the Indians: a man whose figure is that of an Ethiopian, of the essence of an Aukamia (Egyptian vulture), wrapped in a carpet. With him are bronze and wooden vessels for drawing gold (oil), wine and water. 

According to the Greeks: the tail of the Lesser Bear, with it the foot and right hand of Cepheus, the left foot and the tip of the left wing of the Hen (Cygnus), the head of the First Horse (Equuleus), the head with the right shoulder of Aquarius, the rump with the tail of Capricorn, and the rear part of the Southern Fish (Piscis Austrinus). . ."

Liber astrologiae, f. 26r

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