Stundenbuch von Heinrich VIII.

Stundenbuch von Heinrich VIII. September: Treading Grapes, f. 5r


September: Treading Grapes, f. 5r

September is the time for making wine. In the fields in the left background, seated women pick the grapes (with their white bonnets poking above the vines, they look like flowers). When their baskets are full, men carry the grapes to the barn and dump them in large winepresses, where they are trampled. The grape juice is then transferred to a large vat from which, at the bottom, the liquid can be extracted for storing and aging in the nearby barrels.

In the left margin are Sts. Giles, petting a hind (September 1), Anne, shown holding the Virgin Mary (for the Feast of the Birth of the Virgin, September 8, in blue), a large Cross (for the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, September 14, in red), Matthew the Apostle (September 21, in blue), and, possibly, Euphemia (September 16). The right margin begins with St. Maurice and his companions (September 22, in red). They are followed by St Michael the Archangel, shown slaying a demon (his feast on September 29, however, was mistakenly not entered in the Calendar), and Cosmas and Damian, holding medicinal jars (September 27, although, curiously, Damian’s name was not entered).

The zodiacal sign is Libra, the Balance.

Roger S. Wieck.
Curator, Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts
The Morgan Library & Museum

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