Bible moralisée of Naples

Bible moralisée of Naples

The pages of the Bible Moralisée of Naples study book dive us into the universe of this superb work completed in 1350 and written in French under Robert the Wise request. The manuscript, preserved nowadays at the French National Library, is considered as a masterpiece of the Italian medieval illumination.

This comment volume, which has 376 pages of the highest quality bound in black fabric with French book jacket, includes the full colour copy of the images from the Bible, where gold prevails. The illustrations are divided in two groups, a first one with 128 Old Testament miniatures and a second one with 76 New Testament full page images, that follow the style of Giotto’s paintings.

But mainly this book includes Yves Christe and Marianne Besseyre’s professional report on each individual composition, highlighting their originality and history. Therefore, this is a very well deserved recognition to this unique work, that leads us through a century of dynastic history between France and Italy.

Biblia Moralizada de Nápoles
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