Mujeres. Mitologías

Erich Lessing and Philippe Sollers

Special offer Mujeres. Mitologías Erich Lessing and Philippe Sollers

An ode to women who have inspired art and defined civilizations. With its exceptional iconographic lavishness, Mujeres. Mitologías composes a symphony in which multiple visions of a unique fascination for women harmonize.

This work starts with an anthropomorphic vase of the 5th millennium BC and ends with Picasso’s Woman Vase. From the paleolitic Willendorf’s Venus, Brassempouy and Lausel up to the wonderful nudes by Renoir, Manet, Bonnard and Modigliani, the different trends on this book bring the first goddesses to live: severe Ishtar, magical Isis, fertile Hathor and furious Sekhmet, from whom Artemise and Venus are distant cousins.

From the Middle Ages onwards, the figure of the woman finds an ambiguous representation: saints and martyrs, witches and fairies, Judiths, Salomes, proprietresses, mid-wives, Mary Magdalenes and Madonnas. “Eve, Mary, Venus”: a trinity both angelic and diabolical that mirrors the fascination of men. A fascination where their secret concupiscences, the horror of sin and the sacred sublimation of the Marian worship get together.

The texts portray the representation of women within the historical background of the feminine condition.

This work gives way to a continuous art gallery that establishes a fascinating journey through time.

Mujeres. Mitologías.
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