El Arte en la Edad Media

Liana Castelfranchi Vegas

El Arte en la Edad Media Liana Castelfranchi Vegas

El Arte en la Edad Media spans the period from the 6th century to International Gothic (first half of the 15th C.), and focuses on the historical and cultural links, the key points and the lines of development of the most significant art forms throughout the Middle Ages in Western Europe.

The attention paid to the spread of the major artistic trends across Europe is in response to the conviction that a true history of medieval art would be incomplete without the series of confrontations, loans and mutations constantly arising in that period between different artistic expressions and different geographical territories. As a result, the attention paid to the different art forms of miniatures and items worked in gold, silver and ivory, aims to highlight how important they were as a richer and more significant expression of the preferences and creativity of that period, whilst not overlooking the greatest exponents of medieval painting and architecture. In short, this book is essential reading for an understanding of medieval art.

El Arte en la Edad Media
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