Anglo-Catalan Psalter

Photo of the pages 212-213 of the Anglo-Catalan Psalter, with the City of God and the two essential comings of Christ.

P. 212-213

The God of gods, the Lord has spoken

Folio 86v, psalm 49.

Deus deorum, Dominus locutus est

     The divine parusia resumes the content of these images. The theme flows between the two essential comings of Christ, adding references to mercy for the fallen one and the judgement. The upper area has been divided into five spaces, the largest of which features Christ, shown as a judge with a book in his hands and accompanied by two angels. God calls the earth, summoning the West and the East (v. 1). The composition used for the scene of the end of time provides the basis for a very unusual image. Another two pairs of angels complete the scene inside semicircles of blue clouds outlining the celestial place, with the addition of two small figures with double surrounds and burning horns in their hands. The psalm alludes to the storm that will rise up around God and the fire, also reflected in the image, that starts to burn before him (v. 3). Watching are several figures accompanied by an angel whilst others listen to the explanations given by a second winged phylactery bearer. The faithful, to whom the angels will announce the judgement dealt out by the Son of man, will come in answer to God’s call...

     References to sacrifice are graphically portrayed by the animals shown pendant to the fire or moving towards the altar... 

Rosa Alcoy – University of Barcelona

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