The Great Canterbury Psalter

The Great Canterbury Psalter f.9r, psalm 4  When I called upon him the God of my justice heard me


f.9r, psalm 4  When I called upon him the God of my justice heard me

The psalm is about prayer to God and the benefits given to those who trust in him. At the bottom left the psalmist, king David, rises out of a box-like tomb, which may be suggested by the reference to sleeping in peace (v. 9, in pace in idipsum dormiam et requiescam // In peace, in the selfsame, I will sleep and I will rest). He looks up and holds out a scroll to the bust of God between the sun and the moon, who blesses him with rays coming from his hand (v. 2, Cum invocarem exaudivit me Deus iusticie mee ... miserere mei et exaudi orationem meam // When I called upon him, the God of my justice heard me ... Have mercy on me and hear my prayer). A group of men look at the king, one of whose scrolls is directed towards them (v. 3, (F)ilii hominum usquequo gravi corde // Sons of men, how long will you be dull of heart?). A man beside them stands above jars of wine and oil and a basket of corn (v. 8, fructu frumenti: vini et olei sui multiplicati sunt // by the fruit of their corn, their wine and oil, they are multiplied), and gestures towards a man with horses, sheep and goats. At the top right, a group of men before an altar present for sacrifice a lamb and a cup to a priest who stands in a building with three men inside (v. 6, Sacrificate sacrificium iusticie et sperate in Domino // Offer up the sacrifice of justice and trust in the Lord).

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