Tacuinum Sanitatis

Tacuinum Sanitatis f. 102v, Happiness


f. 102v, Happiness

Happiness. Nature: the manifestation of the vital faculty and the heat generated. Optimum: that which leads to prosperity. Benefit: excellent for those who are sad and in danger. Harm: when it happens very often, it leads to death. Remedy for harm: living with wise people. Most advisable for cold [temperaments], the elderly, in cold seasons and in cold regions.

Gaudia. Natura est exitito uirtutis uitalis et successiue calidatitis. Electio: que ducunt prosperitatem. Iuuamentum: prestant tristibus et periclitantibus. Nocumentum: eo quod multiplicant mortem inducunt. Remotio nocumenti: cum inhabitatione sapietium. Conuenit magis frigidis decrepitis frigidis temporibus frigidis regionibus.

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