Tacuinum Sanitatis

Tacuinum Sanitatis f. 101v, Playing an instrument


f. 101v, Playing an instrument

Accompanying singing or playing an instrument. Its nature consists of certain raucous sounds and harsh singing. Optimum: that which is balanced and in keeping with the voice. Benefit: it produces pleasure when sung sweetly. Harm: it causes annoyance when sung low and with no rhythm. Remedy for harm: returning to the rhythm of the melody. Advisable for all ages, constitutions, moments and regions.

Organare cantum vel sonare natura est quedam rauca et cantus uiolentus Electio qui est proportionatus concorditer uoci Iuuamentum inducit delectationem quando cantat suauiter Nocumentum inducit fastidium quando oculte et discorditer cantat Remotio nocumenti si reducat ad condordiam melodie Conuenit omnibus etatibus et complectionibus temporibus et regionibus

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