Tacuinum Sanitatis

Tacuinum Sanitatis f. 99r, Intercourse


f. 99r, Intercourse

Intercourse. Its nature is the union of two people to emit sperm. Optimum: with complete ejaculation to the end moistening all parts, and when one is neither full nor hungry, but after digestion or after expelling excrements and urine. Benefit: to preserve the species and calm the senses irritated by spermatic vapors. Harm: for those who have cold and dry breath and are impotent. Remedy for harm: with many foods that produce sperm. Most advisable for hot and wet [temperaments], adolescents and youth, in spring after midday, and in temperate regions.

Coytus est natura duorum combinatio parium ad emittendum spermata Electio qui sit cum complete spermaticet partibus rebus complementum accidit corpore et sensibus leuitas et sit corpore non repleto nec famelico sed in fine digestionis et post superfluitatum expulsionem se [?] egronis et vrine Iuuamentum ad conseruationem speciem et ableuiationem sensuum generatorum ex fumis spermaticis Nocumentum habentibus homelictus frigidos et siccos et impotentibus Remotio nocumenti cum multum nutrientibus et generantibus sperma Conuenit magis calidis et humidis adolescentibus et iuuenibus tempore ueris post meridiem temperatus regionibus.

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