Tacuinum Sanitatis

Tacuinum Sanitatis f. 22r, Leeks


f. 22r, Leeks

Leeks. Nature: hot in the third degree, dry in the second. Optimum: wild, i.e. from the mountain, long. Benefit: they stimulate urination, favour intercourse and, with honey, clear colds from the chest. Harmful: for the brain and the senses. Remedy for harm: with sweet almond or sesame oil. Effects: hot blood and excess of yellow bile. Most advisable for cold [temperaments], old age, in winter, in northern [regions].

Porri Complectio calida in 3° sicca in 2° Electio naptici id est montani acuti Iuuamentum prouocant vrinam addunt in coytu et cum melle mundificant pectus a catarris Nocumentum cerebro et sensibus Remotio nocumenti cum oleo sisamico aut amigdalarum dulcium Quid generant sanguinem adustum et coleram acutam Conueniunt magis frigidis senectuti hyeme Septentrionalibus.

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