Tacuinum Sanitatis

Tacuinum Sanitatis f. 57r, Sweet milk


f. 57r, Sweet milk

Sweet milk. Nature: everyone agrees that its nature is temperate, tending to hot. Optimum: that of cattle. Benefit: for the chest and lungs. Harm: for those with fever and headache. Remedy for harm: with seedless raisins. Effects: good food. Advisable for temperate [temperaments], adolescents, in summer and in southern regions.

Lac dulce Complectio omnes conueniunt quod sit temperate complectionis declinans ad calidam Electio pecudinum Iuuamentum pectori et pulmoni Nocumentum febricitantibus et dolentibus caput Remotio nocumenti cum passulis sine nucleis Quid generat nutrimentum bonum Conuenit temperatis adolescentibus estate et merdionalibus.

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