Tacuinum Sanitatis

Tacuinum Sanitatis f. 82r, Lampreys


f. 82r, Lampreys

Lampreys. Nature: cold and wet in the second degree, but not as wet as eels. Optimum: those from rivers flowing between stones. Benefit: they fatten and nourish greatly. Harm: for the weak, wet stomach. Remedy for harm: with salt and pepper. Effects: phlegmatic humour. Most advisable for hot and dry [temperaments], youth, in autumn and summer, in northern [regions] because they are digested better.

Lamprete Complectio frigida et humida in 2º minoris tamen humiditatis quam anguille Electio fluminis decurrentis super petras Iuuamentum impinguant et multum nutriunt Nocumentum stomacho debili et humido Remotio nocumenti cum salinentis et pipere Quid generant humorem flegmaticum Conueniunt magis calidis et siccis iuuenibus autumpno et estate septentrionalibus quia melius digerunt.

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