The Great Canterbury Psalter

The Great Canterbury Psalter f. 1r,  Scenes from the Old Testament: Genesis


f. 1r,  Scenes from the Old Testament: Genesis

God creating light: Fiat lux: dixit Deus, et facta est lux (Gen 1: 3); God creating the firmament in the midst of the waters: Fecit Deus firmamentum in medio aquarum (Gen 1: 6); God separating the waters from the earth: Congregentur aque, que sub celo sunt, in locum unum et appareat arida (Gen 1: 9); God creating the sun and moon: Fecit Deus duo magna luminaria, solem et lunam, et stellas (Gen 1: 16); God creating the birds and fishes: Creavit Deus cete grandia atque volatile super terram (Gen 1: 21); God creating the animals and Adam to his own image: Producat terra animam viventem. Faciamus hominem ad imaginem (Gen 1: 24, 26); Creation of Eve, with an angel handing God a lump of clay for her flesh: Edificavit costam quam tulerat de Adam in mulierem (Gen 2: 21-2); God’s instructions to Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge: Eva. Adam. De fructu sciencie boni et mali ne comedas (Gen 2: 17); Adam and Eve, tempted by the serpent, eat the fruit: Eva. Serpens decepit me et comedi. Adam (Gen 2: 13); Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise: Ubi ejecti fuerunt de paradiso. Adam. Eva (Gen 3: 23-4); Adam digging and Eve with her children spinning: In dolore paries filios. In sudore vultus tui vesceris pane (Gen 3: 16-19); Offering of Cain rejected by God, and that of Abel accepted, blessed by God: Abel. Sacrificium. Caym (Gen 4: 3-5).

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