The Great Canterbury Psalter

The Great Canterbury Psalter f. 2r,  Scenes from the Old Testament: Genesis - Exodus


f. 2r,  Scenes from the Old Testament: Genesis - Exodus

Jacob and his family arrive in Egypt and Jacob embraces Joseph: Ubi venit Jacob cum filiis in Egyptum ad Joseph filium suum (Gen 46: 29-30); Joseph presents Jacob to Pharaoh: Ubi Joseph adduxit patrem suum ante Pharaonem (Gen 47: 7); Pharaoh orders the midwives to kill all the male children of the Israelites, but to spare the girls: Ubi Pharaoh precepit obstetricibus interficere masculos et feminas reservare (Ex 1: 16-22); Birth of Moses and his rescue from the Nile by the daughter of Pharaoh: Ubi filia Pharaon invenit Moysen in fiscella (Ex 2: 5-6); God appears to Moses in the Burning Bush: Ubi apparuit Dominus Moysi in igne rubi (Ex 3: 1-4); The parting of the waters and crossing of the Red Sea: Ubi Moyses et Aaron transierunt mare rubrum (Ex 14: 21-2); Pharaoh’s army submerged in the sea, with two devils above shooting arrows at them: Ubi reduxit Dominus aquam maris super Egyptios (Ex 14: 27-8); Moses and the Israelites sing to the Lord for the triumph over Pharaoh: Tunc cecinit Moyses et filii Israhel carmen. Cantemus Domino (Ex 15: 1); Moses with the tablets of the Law, surrounded by eight lamps; the making of the Golden Calf: Ubi data fuit lex Moysi. Ubi fecerunt vitulum aureum (Ex 31: 18; 32: 4-5); the Tabernacle: Tabernaculum (Ex 36); Moses sets up a Brazen Serpent on a column: Ubi exaltavit Moyses serpentem in deserto (Num 21: 9); Moses drawing water from the rock: Ubi percussit petram et fluxerunt aque (Num 20: 11).

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