The Great Canterbury Psalter

The Great Canterbury Psalter f. 44v, psalm 26  The Lord is my light and my salvation


f. 44v, psalm 26  The Lord is my light and my salvation

The psalm is about faith in God’s protection. The hand of God blesses the psalmist from the clouds; Christ, coming out of a church, holds him by the hand and gives him a torch (v. 1, Dominus illuminatio mea ei salus mea // The Lord is my light and my salvation; v. 5, Protexit me in abscondito tabernaculi sui // He has protected me in the secret place of his tabernacle). Between the two are an altar and a sacrificial lamb (v. 6, Circuivi et immolavi in tabernaculo eius hostiam vociferationis // I have gone round, and have offered up in his tabernacle a sacrifice of jubilation). Behind the psalmist a naked child is leaving his mother and father who are standing at the entrance to a building (v. 10, Quoniam pater meus et mater mea dereliquerunt me, Dominus autem assumpsit me // For my father and mother have left me, but the Lord has taken me up). Between two tents is an elaborate battle scene with knights in chain armour and helmets fighting with spears and swords (vv. 2, 3, Qui tribulant me inimici mei ipsi infirmati sunt et ceciderunt. Si consistant adversus me castra, non timebit cor meum, (S)i exurgat adversus me prelium in hoc ego sperabo // My enemies that trouble me have themselves been weakened, and have fallen. If armies in camp should stand against me, my heart shall not fear. If a battle should rise up against me in this will I be confident).

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