The Great Canterbury Psalter

The Great Canterbury Psalter f. 49r, psalm 29  I will extol you Lord, for you have held me up


f. 49r, psalm 29  I will extol you Lord, for you have held me up

At the top, between the sun and moon, the hand of God is blessing from a cloud; below, stands the psalmist holding two scrolls (v. 2, Exaltabo te Domine quoniam suscepisti me // I will extol thee Lord, for you have upheld me). Underneath three devils are forcing down with pitchforks heads into the flames of hell, and beneath the hand of God, Christ with a cross staff in one hand pulls a man out of a tomb; two angels holding books stand beside (v. 4, Domine eduxisti ab inferno animam meam: salvasti me a descendentibus in lacum // You have brought forth, Lord, my soul from hell: you have saved me from them that go down into the pit). Below the moon, a man holding a scroll sits in sorrow with his hand to his head, in contrast to the standing psalmist beneath the sun at the right of the picture (v. 6, (A)d vesperum demorabitur fletus, et ad matutinum leticia // In the evening weeping shall have place, and in the morning gladness). Below him are a group of figures, of which three hold books and scrolls (v. 5, Psallite Domino sancti eius, et confitemini memorie sanctitatis eius // Sing to the Lord, you his saints, and give praise to the memory of his holiness).

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