Mattioli’s Dioscorides illustrated by Cibo (Discorsi by Mattioli and Cibo)

Mattioli’s Dioscorides illustrated by Cibo (Discorsi by Mattioli and Cibo) Wall Germander (Teucrium chamaedrys), f.159r

Wall Germander (Teucrium chamaedrys), f.159r

In Greek they say camedris and in Latin trissagine. There are those who call it teucrium, due to the similarity. It grows in impervious and rocky places. The plant is a hand span long, its leaves small and bitter, shaped like those of an oak and with incisions at the edges. It has small purplish flowers. It is gathered when full of seeds. Cooked with water while still green, it is beneficial for spasms, cough, hardened spleen, urinary retention and the initial stages of dropsy. It triggers menstruation and induces labor. Drunk with vinegar, it softens the spleen, and drunk with wine, it is extremely effective against poisonous snake bites; equally so if applied as a plaster. It is chopped up and a paste is made that is useful for all the above-mentioned problems. Mixed with honey, it disinfects long-time ulcers. Mixed with oil and applied to the eyes as an ointment, it eliminates blurred vision. It is able to create heat

Gherardo Cibo, Add. 22332, f. 158v.

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