Tacuinum Sanitatis

Tacuinum Sanitatis f. 59r, Butter


f. 59r, Butter

Butter. Nature: hot and wet. Optimum: made of sheep’s milk. Benefit: it eliminates the superfluities of the lung caused by coldness and dryness; advisable for coughs and roughness of the chest. Harm: it weakens the stomach and eliminates the appetite. Remedy for harm: with astringent things such as quince and others. Effects: very good blood. Most advisable for dry temperaments, the elderly, in winter and in northern regions.

Butirum. Complexio: calida et humida. Electio: de lacte pecorino. Iuuamentum: educit superfluitates pulmonis generatas per frigiditatem et siccitatem, confert tussi et asperitati pectoris. Nocumentum: ebetat stomachum et deuiat appetitum. Remotio nocumenti: cum rebus stipticis sicut citoniis et similibus. Quid generat: sanguinem optimum. Conuenit magis siccis decrepitis hyeme et septentrionalibus.

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